6512 Roosevelt Way N.E. Seattle, Wa 98115     206.729.2761     info@bellemariesalon.com

      We are very proud to announce that Belle Marie Salon is an exclusive Oribe and Unite Salon. Come in and get an incredible blowout, Oribe and Unite style!

     Located in the chic Roosevelt neighborhood, we offer a jolt of fresh, artistic ideas executed by innovative stylists. Each of us believes every individual wants to feel good about themselves making that the motivating factor in our approach to hair.

     As a client, you will find a unique environment in which to relax and be pampered. Whether you're getting ready for a special occasion or just escaping from your everyday life, we will help you find and achieve just what you're looking for. In this fast-paced world, we understand time is a valuable commodity and prize the time you choose to spend with us.

     Unparalleled in quality, we offer high-end services and treatments that will be individually tailored to your lifestyle. At Belle Marie Salon, we understand the universal language of hair, so come in and experience an alternative to the average salon!